January’s good resolutions: reconciling escape and sobriety

Time for discovery never ends

écrivait Colette. 

Taste for the elsewhere, for the unknown, for everything that takes you out of yourself in order to come back to yourself. The desire to be surprised, to lose oneself in order to better rediscover oneself. How, however, can we reconcile this need to escape routine and go on an adventure with the need to preserve the planet ? 

Made in France by Chastagner in an eco-responsible way, our TipTop mini-caravans offer a sustainable way of travelling in line with our values. With our teardrop, take to the road in total freedom to go towards new horizons. In order to offer you ever new experiences, we suggest two travel routes for your future holidays: 

Set out to discover Brittany’s canals: 

The banks of the Nantes-Brest canal and the Blavet canal offer great opportunities for excursions. This is a way to discover the unspoilt nature of Brittany in terms of biodiversity, but also surprisingly different from that of the coast. Carry your bicycles in your TipTop mini-caravan and you can ride along these towpaths and let yourself be carried along by the landscape of gorges with jagged rocks, overhung by beautiful vegetation. These banks offer a variety of activities such as cycling, canoeing and swimming.

Take the opportunity to visit the magnificent medieval towns of La Gacilly, the stronghold of craftsmen, Malestroit or Rochefort-en-Terre. La Gacilly, an art town with numerous galleries, hosts the Festival Photo in the summer, a superb exhibition which takes place throughout the town: a must for photography lovers. TipTop was also created in La Gacilly. Don’t hesitate to come and see us at TipTop Europe! Find all the information here.

Take the road to the burons of Cantal

The Cantal and the Auvergne are known for their ski resorts such as Le Lioran or Super-Besse. However, these regions also offer, even in winter, vast spaces for hiking, with or without snowshoes. You will be able to see burons, stone houses in altitude which welcomed the shepherds when they took their herds on transhumance during the summer. Of rather spartan construction, these shelters allowed the shepherds to shelter from the cold and storms but also included the necessary equipment to produce cheese. These Cantal landscapes are somewhat reminiscent of the wild steppes or deserts of Mongolia. The burons scattered on these sometimes snowy slopes give these territories a poignant poetry. To travel the Cantal buron route, find all the information here. With your lightweight and highly mobile TipTop mini-caravan, you can easily venture out!