Who are we ?

Leading French Teardrop manufacturer, TipTop designs and creates its mini-caravans
to reconnect people with what is essential for them to move forward, what really matters to them.

Our Job

10 years of experience and a strong desire to offer a high quality product.

TipTop is a range of mini-caravans, designed in France, with all the time and expertise necessary to make them a mean of escape, with optimised design and comfort.

Our values

TipTop reinvents responsible outdoor living We are part of the quest for sustainable happiness based on closeness to nature and authentic relationships. Unique experiences and products We offer a premium product to provide unique experiences to all nomadic tourism enthusiasts, in search of meaning and freedom. Taking the time Taking the time to stop being in a hurry is a desire that we share with a whole community. Our goal: to allow everyone to refocus on what really matters and to move forward.

Our history

TipTop was born 10 years ago.

Its creator, Alain Sauvager, discovered the Teardrops during a trip to California. He was fascinated by their aesthetics, which contrasted with those of traditional caravans.

His intuition led him to export the concept to France, seduced by the promising potential of this vehicle, which is in line with the times.

The TipTop adventure began in 2014

The company is launching at the leisure vehicle show in a French market that has yet to be developed. 

TipTop is the forerunner of a new trend in the leisure vehicle sector: smaller, lighter, more compact, more attractive and, above all, much more outdoor ! 

In 2018, TipTop is launching the TY NID TOP, an economical rental model developed with a Spanish partner.

The period is favourable for the development of a new business model of top-of-the-range French production which will see the light of day two years later.

2020: the turning point for Tiptop Europe.

The company is driven by new individual aspirations born of confinement: the need for freedom and escape. 

That same year, a meeting took place with Christophe Camaret, director of Chastagner. This was the beginning of a partnership with which the idea of a product redefined on the basis of new ambitions and new means took shape.  

The culmination of our new premium range comes in 2022.

A passionate and committed team

At TipTop we are fortunate to have a dynamic and professional team at our side, who do their utmost to improve the quality of our products as well as our services.

Originally a man with a passion for design

Alain Sauvager, founder of TipTop.

He is said to be a visionary who is always one step ahead of the game in designing new products, moving the lines to satisfy users to the point of excellence.

With TipTop, he combines his passion for nature with his sense of aesthetics to create a beautiful object that is close to the codes of the luxury car.