The scent of spring

March is drawing to a close and Spring is just around the corner: the days are getting longer, the Spring flowers are blooming, and the scents that were put tu sleep by the winter are coming back. It’s a good time to start off on the right foot and renew yourself. Here is a short guide to getting the season off to a good start, always accompanied by your TipTop.

Plan your weekends in April and May 

April and May have many public holidays: plan your upcoming weekends to set clear goals and gain motivation at work.

In this article, we give you some suggestions of places to visit in France. Go to the sea to breathe the fresh air, go hiking in the mountains or cycling in the countryside.

Our TipTops are accessorised so that you can go on a weekend, a short break or a roadtrip lasting several months. For example, the bike carrier is available as an option: carry your bikes and take the more difficult routes. And what about the 5-minute inflatable roof tent? This will allow you to travel the roads with your family or friends.

Enjoying the longer days

March also means a change of time and longer days. This is an opportunity to take the time to do things, not get caught up in the speed and frenzy of the moment. End your day with a picnic by the sea for the lucky ones or take a family walk in the countryside and watch the sunset.

Our unique technologies will allow you to enjoy longer, brighter days, protected from the wind or the weather: the roof tent and the side awning unfold in minutes.

Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables

There are several reasons why it is essential to choose seasonal fruit and vegetables. First of all, because it is better for your health: their nutrients are developed to their maximum because they are grown in their actual climatic conditions. As a result, they will taste better! By eating seasonal fruit and vegetables, you also support the local economy and jobs. This goes hand in hand with reducing your ecological impact because the produce goes from the harvest to the plate.

Light-proof storage units and the 30 L refrigerator in your TipTop’s kitchen allow you to take your seasonal fruit and vegetables with you.