Tiny House and TipTop … in search of sustainable happiness based on freedom

Our lifestyle is changing, our vision of the world is changing, our habits are changing… For a few years now, we have seen this change even in the way we consider our habitat. Some people have chosen the compact, the useful, the fast while keeping the comfort aspect within the minimalism and optimization while respecting the environment. What about the Tiny House and the TipTop ?

The Tiny House

This can be done by building and using a Tiny House (a small wooden house built on a trailer). It will cost between €50,000 and €100,000, depending on how much customisation you put into it. This house is economical while being mobile. Some people will buy it ready-made, others will build it themselves. It is obvious that the ultra-compactness of such a house forces the owners to focus on the essentials. They think about the notion of real needs.

The TipTop

And… this choice can also take the form of a TipTop, a mini Teardrop caravan. A TipTop makes it easy and quick to move around, even if it’s just to go camping a few hours away from home. It can also be used as an unusual accommodation to rent in the garden, or as a spare room if required.

The TipTop is even equipped for off-road riding. Some TipTopers have already experienced this in their travel programmes.

With a TipTop, we find the compact side where all the space necessary to roam or go on a weekend is optimised, with 2 or more people! The price varies between 30 000€ and 60 000€ depending on the equipment and accessories required. Easy to move and to use as it weighs less than 850kg, the B licence is sufficient in France and Europe. It also gives you time for yourself and your family. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and admire the landscape. You can also visit villages in complete peace of mind and independence. Indeed, our Teardrops mini-caravans are much better insulated (28mm thick: the same characteristics as a refrigerated truck ! ) than some motorhomes or caravans on the market today.

The TipTop is to the caravan what the Tiny house is to the house , you might say! This means that if you are not ready to be nomadic, frugal or minimalist all year round, you could start by living a TipTop experience to try to discover what you really need, like… learning to rediscover some of life’s simple pleasures.

Our mission is to involve you in the quest for sustainable happiness based on freedom, closeness to nature and authenticity of relationships with a mini-caravan that can be used all year round and not only during your escapades!