Travelling by TipTop, a new type of travel

More than a brand, TipTop is a concept that allows everyone to adopt another way of travelling. An alternative style of travel, the vanlife, is in fact another way to get away.

This concept is marked by a return to simplicity, authenticity and adventure, to be closer to nature and to discover oneself and others, to spend nights in the middle of nature and to be able to wake up each morning in a different place and with a different view. What could be better than to fall asleep in a mobile room, cosy and comfortable, in front of the most beautiful landscapes in the world? In France or abroad, camping with the locals thanks to HomeCamper or in total autonomy thanks to its sleeping area, its kitchen area and its equipment !

By adopting this way of travelling, the superficial aspect we sometimes live in is put aside in favour of more responsible, economical and authentic travel. No more mass tourism that makes your holiday the same as thousands of others, this way of travelling is also an alternative to the tourist industry.

In a mini-caravan, you will live new and rare experiences. You will travel differently, you will alternate between travel and stopover, travel and non-travel… These trips will make you get out of a certain straitjacket and live inspiring, invigorating, soothing road trips. You finally take the time to meet others. Discover this economical, ecological and focused on the essential way of travelling.

Travelling in teardrop trailer allows you to review your needs, get rid of the superfluous, adapt and concentrate on what you have. Travelling in a mini-caravan will give you new ambitions, new dreams and probably also the urge to move !

In addition to being a great travel concept, it’s beautiful! The look, inspired by the American Teardrops, remains timeless and attractive !

You may have heard of other ways of getting away from it all, such as tents, vans, caravans and motorhomes, but are you ready to try out a TipTop holiday that combines the simplicity of a tent with the comfort of a caravan in complete freedom?