Where to stay with a TipTop?

After a third confinement, most of us were waiting for one thing: “the release”! To go to a destination that would allow us to fully breathe fresh air or to see our friends again around a good barbecue or to visit unknown places, just to finally have a change of scenery!

As spring slowly settles in, the nights are often still chilly, so you have to be careful about what you pack, knowing that THE question is: “Where to land with our TipTop?” There are so many incredible places to visit in France! To get as close as possible to these places and to be able to spend 24 hours or more on site, we can consider camping in close proximity to nature and in respect of the environment.

In a home

For example, did you know that there are over 50,000 pitches to be booked with local people ? Small test carried out in Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais :  Camping chez l’habitant à Mareuil-Sur-Lay-Dissais, Pays De La Loire ·HomeCamperhttps://www.homecamper.fr/land/15079

This new form of accommodation, outside the pitches found in municipal or private campgrounds, has become almost unavoidable. It is the Air BnB concept in the garden, in the open air! The meeting in 2018 with Etienne De Galbert, creator and founder of the website www.homecamper.fr triggered this wonderful collaboration with TipTop Europe, as our TipTops can indeed easily stay anywhere.

In fact, the aim is to allow us to rest, in a safe, friendly and discreet way, in private gardens along our route! All you have to do is book the night(s) you want on the internet, even at the last minute. This site has been designed to work on smartphones and while roaming.

Alain Sauvager finally at rest!

Wild camping

We also tried wild camping, which has the reputation of being forbidden in France. In fact, it is quite allowed BUT according to specific regulations, as we can read below: (please check in every country you travel to)


Our national and regional parks each have their own regulations. We encourage respect for the environment, nature, its fauna and flora. Respecting the environment is possible while enjoying a responsible outdoor adventure.